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Brisbane Concert Choir COVID-19 policy 

(updated 24 July 2022)

In accordance with updated directions from the Queensland Department of Health, Brisbane Concert Choir events including all rehearsals and concerts are open to attendance by those vaccinated and those unvaccinated against COVID-19.


Anyone returning a positive RAT or PCR test to COVID-19, whether vaccinated or not, is required to isolate for at least seven days, and then to wear a mask in public (indoors and when unable to socially distance outdoors) for the seven days following their isolation. This is a mandatory requirement by the government.


Singers who continue to have symptoms after their 7-day Covid isolation should also sit at a distance from the choir at rehearsal during the 7-day mask-wearing period following isolation. 


The choir asks all people with COVID-19-like symptoms to undertake a RAT and return a result negative for COVID-19 within the 24 hours before attending a rehearsal or concert. Anyone with new respiratory symptoms (sneezing, coughing or runny nose) should not attend, even when a RAT is negative for COVID-19. 


As well, the choir requests anyone who is a close contact of someone with Covid have a negative RAT prior to attending a rehearsal, and to follow government guidelines to monitor for symptoms and wear a mask whenever they leave home. In line with government recommendations close contacts should also test for Covid on days two, four and six. 


The choir requests of everyone a responsible and active approach to limiting the spread of Covid-19 and, as part of that, to be especially mindful of the indirect risks to aged and vulnerable people whose survival may be at issue. 

                 NB: Continually updated Queensland Government health directions

can be found in the link following this policy.

For latest information on Queensland Government statistics, restrictions and roadmaps go to:

National Vaccination numbers and statistics from the Australian Government

If you wish to measure the numbers vaccinated against the whole population

you'll find the daily count of Australian residents on  Population Clock

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