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Debra's Emails

Dr. Debra Shearer-Dirié

Musical Director, Brisbane Concert Choir
Founder and Musical Director, fusion

Conductor, Vintage Voices

President ANCA (Australian National Choral Association)

November 4 2020

Hello all,


Sorry I couldn't be at the rehearsal last night.  I am COVID negative so will see you all next week.  


Last week, John and I put some rehearsal video tracks together of the three new pieces you looked at last night.   If you need to brush up on some areas in the three new pieces (even though I know Lynne and Jane worked you hard last night) spend some time with me on the videos.


Here is the link:


Many of you will have heard about the ABC classic choir for the new Deborah Cheetham Christmas Carol.  I have signed up already and wrote in my comment about the wonderful singers of the Brisbane Concert Choir.   Here is how to sign up:


Submissions have to happen by November 27th.