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Debra's Emails

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Dr. Debra Shearer-Dirié

Musical Director, Brisbane Concert Choir
Founder and Musical Director, fusion

Conductor, Vintage Voices

President ANCA (Australian National Choral Association)

6 December 2021

Dear all,


I should have written this message last night while I was still buzzing after the concert, but after a day in meetings at school, my mind is once again numb.  As I won't see you as a whole group until next year I would like to say, Congratulations (with a capital C) on the Lussh performance last night!  I hope you all feel very proud of yourself in delivering a very polished performance that had the audience on their feet and long applause at the end.  And I hope you all enjoyed working with Kelsey and her trio.  See below the email that I sent to Kelsey to pass onto Meg, Benja, and Lachie.


Our audience was made up of many different people and the committee is going to send out a survey to ask how everyone heard about the concert.  In preparation for next year, could you please let me know your thoughts on the performance last night.  Please send it straight to my address.  Knowing that we started rehearsing this music in late July (so it took a good 4 months to prepare), was it worth it for you? Would you like to explore this style more?  I don't think we are the type of choir to go completely into the straight jazz arena (we would have to memorize everything for one) but if there were other repertoire like this, would you want to devote time to this type of program in the future.  


If I don't see you at carolling, I hope you all have a great Christmas as see you next year.




---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Debra Shearer-Dirie <>
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2021 at 06:48
Subject: Thank you again
To: Kelsey Giarola <>

Thank you again Kelsey to you, Meg, Benja, and Lachie.  To work with you all has been such a privilege and I know my singers recognise and appreciate such talent. Many of them have said to me how fabulous you all were. And the audience had great energy. Quite a different vibe than our usual classical concerts, and we all loved it. It is great to take my singers on a new journey and see how much they enjoy it. 


We will definitely collaborate again.


Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. 



Brisbane Concert Choir Management Committee

Tel:  0475 262 649

October 27 2021

Hello BCC singers,


It was great seeing you all in rehearsal last night.  As I mentioned last night, we are getting to the pointy end of the season with 11 rehearsals on our Christmas program done and only 5 to go!  Please do everything you can to not miss any rehearsals from now on.  I know that things come up but the group needs everyone in rehearsals so that we can start polishing and turning this program into the perfection that BCC always delivers.


We will not make it there if you only pull out your music on Tuesday evenings.  The more work each singer (and myself) does outside of the rehearsal, the further I can take the group in rehearsals in preparation for December 5th.  This program in particular, with its jazz style, will not look good if you all have your heads in your music.  So everyone needs to become much more familiar with their part.  The sooner you can do this, the quicker I can herd everyone where I want them to be to meet what I am hearing in my head.


At this point I am planning on following the same order as on the CD:


Please make time to listen to these tracks and sing along with them.  You will notice that the pieces we did last night, and Hark, go quite fast.  


Look forward to seeing you all next Tuesday, ready to start singing at 6:15pm!


Thanks all and have a good week.



November 4 2020

Hello all,


Sorry I couldn't be at the rehearsal last night.  I am COVID negative so will see you all next week.  


Last week, John and I put some rehearsal video tracks together of the three new pieces you looked at last night.   If you need to brush up on some areas in the three new pieces (even though I know Lynne and Jane worked you hard last night) spend some time with me on the videos.


Here is the link:


Many of you will have heard about the ABC classic choir for the new Deborah Cheetham Christmas Carol.  I have signed up already and wrote in my comment about the wonderful singers of the Brisbane Concert Choir.   Here is how to sign up:


Submissions have to happen by November 27th.  

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