Our 25th Anniversary Concert

3.00pm 20th June 2021


Brisbane Concert Choir invites you to both concert and party on June 20 2021 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the choir's formation. This concert will be in a beautiful, fully-covered but open-air rustic setting at Walkabout Creek Cafe near Enogerra Reservoir

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It is a joy to be able to announce this concert after negotiating numerous obstacles in the continuing pandemic. The primary challenge is to meet all the conditions which ensure the safety of both audience and performers. 


The pandemic remains a continuing challenge for choirs although the start of the national vaccination program brings renewed hope. 

Meanwhile, on the recommendation of our Director of Music, Debra, we've decided 2021 will comprise two, instead of the traditional three seasons, to suit rehearsal efficiencies. Our rehearsals resumed on February 2nd.

The choir management committee believes the health and safety of our singers and audiences is paramount. International evidence informs us that outdoor transmission of coronavirus is rare, but indoors, transmission via aerosols, especially in venues with limited or poor ventilation, remains high risk, and this is of special relevance for choirs.


In Queensland we are fortunate to have experienced a low level of incidence of virus transmission, although events which resulted in a sudden lockdown in early January 2021 remind us that community transmission can occur before we know it. The enduring risk is that the transmission of Coronavirus occurs before detection and then spreads with speed.


Our only concert for 2020 was on December 12, and despite deteriorating weather which forced a last minute move under cover from our planned 'Carols in the Garden' in the open air at The Gap, our audience moved quickly too, and all of us enjoyed a beautiful evening.

Our president Sue Gray, working with our Music Director Debra Shearer Dirié and singer Tim Smetham - whose intervention was crucial and much appreciated - secured the late-change of venue. Choir members pitched in to clean and festively decorate the cavernous building and the show began spot-on-time at 6.00pm, the rain tumbling down outside.

It was a truely joyous if novel occasion.

The following week we sang Christmas carols and favourites at Brisbane Quarter at 300 George Street from 5.30pm for one hour each evening. This was part of Brisbane Quarter's "Unwrap Joy" Christmas celebrations, which also included pop-up gelato and cocktails - a very enjoyable week with great public support.