Sing with us...

Our choir has current vacancies especially in its soprano and tenor sections so we invite you to contact us via email, phone 0475 262 649 or simply turn up at a rehearsal if you are interested in singing with Brisbane Concert Choir 


You are welcome to sit in and join one or two of our weekly rehearsals before deciding whether you might like to audition to become a choir member. You could either contact us before coming, or simply turn up and ask to speak to Debra, our Director of Music at 6.30pm on a Tuesday evening.


Auditions are typically held immediately after rehearsals, as and when required. An audition takes about 10-15 minutes. Debra will inform you what is expected of you when you set up the audition.


The ability to 'sight read' music is not a prerequisite, although obviously useful.


For more information go to our Member info page (under this menu) and on that page you'll find links to Member Handbook and Application form.

Our choir of around 60-70 singers, guided by one of Australia's leading choral music directors Debra Shearer-Dirie, aims for excellence in performance.

We rehearse with a professional piano accompanist and perform with a variety of orchestral ensembles and arrangements and noted soloists.

The music we sing ranges from pure entertainment to challenging classics (see Previous Seasons).

Owing to Covid-19 risk we currently rehearse in a public arcade in the heart of Brisbane.